Full-spectrum THC-Free Distillate that travels everywhere

Vermont Hemp Processing manufactures our THC-Free Distillate in our GMP facilities with the best-in-class quality standards and testing.

Our state-of-the-art facilities can produce thousands of liters per week of THC-Free Distillate.

Using our Supercritical CO2 extraction process, we provide superior yields and a cleaner product compared to less expensive solvent-based extraction methods such as ethanol. 

Full Spectrum CBD THC-Free Distillate is manufactured from crude oil that has been extracted from industrial hemp. Our process uses PURE99 chromatography to separate and remove THC (Delta 9) from the extracted oil.

Terpenes and other minor cannabinoids, which may include CBG, CBN, CBC, are left in tact, providing all of the plant’s benefits. The amounts vary from batch to batch.

THC Free Distillate allows manufacturers and suppliers to transport and license products around the world.