Shipping your hemp to VHP

The 2018 Farm Bill expressly provides for intrastate and interstate shipment of hemp. Still, you must plan your company’s hemp shipment carefully with a complete set of documents that state law enforcement officials will appreciate proving that your load is hemp with less than 0.3% THC.

VHP recommends that you consult with your lawyer about your planned shipment, whether by truck or by rail, to minimize transportation risks. Coordinate with your team and prepare a complete set of documents to ensure easy delivery to VHP. Your plan should include procedures for the transportation of the hemp shipment, routes, and a package documenting the legality of the transaction.

It may be helpful to include a letter to law enforcement authorities providing clarity as to the laws protecting your shipment, and doing so is perfectly legal.

A good letter might include:

• Cite federal law regarding hemp
• Cite federal/state law regarding intrastate and interstate shipping
• Cite state law authorizing your actions
• Cite the hemp certificates of analysis (COA)
• Provide contact information for your company and copy of your state license for cultivation
• Provide contact information for your attorney

As you are aware, a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a promise made by a testing facility as to the contents of the hemp that was tested. States have approved testing facilities or independent 3rd party labs that handle the testing of the industrial hemp. These testing companies analyze your hemp and provide a COA as to what is in it. The complete chemical profile of the cannabis plant should be provided on the COA, but below are the main points they need to include:

 • The company that performed the lab test  
• The lab is an approved 3rd party from the cultivator  
• The Cannabinoid profile  
• The total THC and THCa profile 
• Terpene profile  
• Heavy Metal analysis  
• Pesticide Analysis

Once you are organized,  contact VHP to begin the coordination of your shipment based on your documentation, dry weights, # of sacks, etc. VHP will issue a BSA # (Biomass Shipping Authorization Number) and schedule arrival/delivery date(s) to our facility. No biomass will be accepted without prior authorization and approval.

Once again, we recommend that you consult with your attorney, contact your state Department of Agriculture, or appropriate state representative to ensure you have clearance and authorization to transport your product by truck or by rail. Plan your shipping route and contact VHP, citing your processing BSA# with us, your timing, and the delivery method.

All shipments must be prepaid at Point of Origin, and the shipper is responsible for product quality and consistency before VHP testing, quarantine, and acceptance into our processing facility.