If you’re selling, we’re buying.

Vermont Hemp Processing is the premier clearinghouse for hemp exportation in the United States. We are presently receiving, certifying, packaging, and exporting 250,000+ lbs per week of Farm Bill compliant hemp.

The majority of our domestic farming community is looking to unload their 2019 crop, which was severely impacted by false promises by unscrupulous companies. Our goal is to help 1,000+ farmers reduce their current inventory by the end of this year.

We do have strict protocols on hemp acquisition. Please read the parameters below, and if you meet our criteria, please get in touch with us to discuss next steps.

 • 10% CBD or greater
 • .3 Total THC (must be Farm Bill compliant)
 • Hemp must be milled into 72” Super Sacks
 • Less than 1% seed and less than 1% stem
 • Below 10% moisture content
 • 25,000-pound minimum order (exceptions made based on COA)
 • Full Panel COA required (for validation)
 • Biomass must be delivered to VHP corporate address

We hope to be your solution to your crop on hand.