CO2 Processing is what we do best.

Vermont Hemp Processing comprehensively understands the science behind hemp processing.

We are fully aware how you’ve systematically researched the genetics of your seeds and clones; maximized your germination rates; grew your crop with the utmost care as you patrolled every square foot of your acreage, and watched a botanical carpet emerge from the ground.

Months later, crop yields were fantastic, and the terpene profile was exquisite. The weather held and harvesting went efficiently, your upgraded drying operations went as close to plan as possible; and your Super Sack bags were shuck-n-bucked with a moisture content below 10%!

You are finally ready for processing into CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Distillate, THC Free Distillate, Water Soluble CBD, Winterized Crude Oil, and complete Tolling capabilities.

At this very moment is why science matters.

All the love and care put into your hemp biomass will mean nothing if you use cheap, solvent-based extraction. You can quickly turn your Bugatti into a Datsun if you cut corners on Extraction & Processing.

Arguably, these two steps are some of the most critical stages in the process as you get farther down the crop cycle. That is why Vermont Hemp Processing selected Super Critical CO2 as our primary method of extraction.

Our CO2 process captures all the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids in the raw extraction process, keeping as much of the genetic profile in the plant as possible. Using CO2 hemp extraction allows us to avoid contamination from chemicals and cross-contamination from the re-use of chemicals, such as ethanol. (As you may be aware, there is a major shortage of food-grade ethanol in the country right now and companies that re-use ethanol without certified and purifying before a second application are not only degrading the value of your product, but also breaking the law.)

Our primary location operates in a 172,000 square foot facility. With state of the art solar, wood chip, and environmental controls, we provide the perfect atmosphere to keep hemp dry, free of contaminants, in conjunction with our superior extraction technology.

Our current capacity is 8,000 pounds per day, as we look forward to expanding past 10,000 pounds per day.