VHP offers scalability for larger producers and economic opportunity for smaller farmers.

After hemp has been harvested and dried, it is ready to send to VHP to extract the CBD rich hemp oil from the flower and biomass material. VHP provides the most advanced super critical CO2 extraction machines on the market today.

Utilizing a “closed-loop extracting method,” our processing facility produces the highest yields of oils containing chemicals and flavors from the plant material before final processing. The crude CBD hemp oil is further refined to produce CBD crystal isolate. This proprietary crystallization process leaves no THC (99.0+ % pure) in the end product, which is then sold for finished CBD medicines, food, or nutraceutical goods.

There are many benefits to VHP’s CO2 extraction services versus alternative methods of extraction and providers. We will speed your time to market with higher profitability and will produce a minimal risk of contaminants in the finished product. 

With high-throughput separation systems, our turnkey manufacturing operation and scalable processes are designed to outperform and increase your earnings.

Not only does VHP offer significant scalability for larger producers but also an economic opportunity for smaller farmers to get your biomass processed in a controlled, scientific lab in addition to utilizing VHP for the sale of your harvest in the marketplace through our network of client partners.

Contained within our manufacturing operation is a modular clean-room system specifically designed for the cannabis industry for cultivation and processing.

VHP anticipates expedited guidance, new laws, and regulations from policymakers, the FDA, and USDA in the coming years, and we are well equipped to exceed these higher standards in our operations.

Inevitably, GMP compliance will significantly impact both the future of cannabis cultivation and production. Our clean room system offers a quality solution engineered to adhere to current GMP standards, and our modular design can be expanded and modified as needed to accommodate new business as well as new regulations.