Hemp Storage & Distribution

Hemp for use in food or medicine manufacture should be stored in appropriate facilities that allow control of temperature, humidity, light, and hygiene to ensure potency, purity, and cleanliness of the product and packaging.

At VHP, each farmer’s crop or batch is appropriately labeled and located within our warehouse and processing center to prevent the mixing of batches.

Tight controls and monitoring are engaged, starting at the receiving door. The full history of the biomass and grower is collected and tracked throughout its lifecycle and ultimate sale in the wholesale or white-label market.

It is important to note that VHP’s storage and distribution facilities incorporate areas for quarantine, storage, and release pending testing, buyer approval, and shipment of orders. Our warehouse management and tracking systems monitor all movement of products within the facility and through all stages of processing.

During loading, transit, and distribution of the biomass, VHP maintains comparable conditions to ensure the quality and integrity of our end-product to our customers.