Is CBD Safe For Dogs

The use of CBD on man’s best friend has become more prominent over the last three years. But, is CBD safe for dogs? Here’s what we know…


An online survey conducted in 2018 showed that 55% of dog owners asked their veterinarian about CBD-related pet products. The interest in the potential therapeutic uses of cannabinoids in companion animals has only grown since then.


So how do we know if CBD is safe for our beloved furry family members? Thankfully the companion animal health industry is not what it was when I was growing up. Yeah, we took our dog Spunky to the vet for an annual checkup and heartworm test. However, no teeth cleaning was ever offered. If he were to have cancer, it would have been time to “put him down.”


It’s a different story now, with $20 billion spent every year to make sure that our pets are happy and healthy. As with any new treatment in the marketplace, there are case studies on the safety of CBD in canines.


Canopy Animal Health released a report in February 2020 on escalating doses of cannabinoid doses in healthy dogs. They compared the well-being of 20 healthy beagle dogs by giving ten of them a placebo and the other ten CBD oil, increasing their doses by ten with three days separation between treatments. Clinical observations, physical examinations, complete blood counts, clinical chemistry, and plasma cannabinoids were used to assess safety, tolerability, and the occurrence of adverse events (AEs). AEs were rated as mild, moderate, or severe/medically significant. The results…CBD was just as safe as the placebo!


Now, there is a report from the ASPCA that I don’t agree with. I believe the person(s) who wrote this report didn’t conduct thorough research. The report states that if CBD is present in treats, then they most likely have THC.


Anybody who has studied CBD knows that this is not true. While the hemp plants used to extract CBD has 0.03% or less THC, it is completely removed from the biomass during the extraction process…before you get your finished CBD product (whether it be isolate or full-spectrum distillate).


The report further claims that there has been an increase in calls for dogs that have gotten into and eaten a large number of treats containing CBD. They go on to say that clinical signs post ingestion are consistent with pets who have a THC overdose. Those signs include lethargy, ataxia, and vomiting. I equate all that to a dog that just overate. It’s reports like this that can turn people away from giving their dog CBD without doing additional research to see just how safe it is for dogs.


There’s a lot of information out there on CBD, and there are more clinical studies on the effects of CBD in our companion animals coming out all the time. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian and talk to other people who give their pets CBD.


There is a webinar taking place on June 23rd that is hosted by Canopy Animal Health, who I referenced at the start of my blog with safety clinical trials. The webinar is sponsored by the Pet Poison Helpline and is titled “Saftey of CBD and THC in dogs: What does the data say.” If you are on the fence about giving your dog CBD in their daily diet, I strongly recommend attending this webinar…I know I’ll be attending.



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