Ethanol Based Extraction is Bad

The #1 reason that you should never buy ethanol-based extracted CBD is that this cheaper extraction option does not remove heavy metals like LEAD! (Whereas, CO2 extraction will remove heavy metals automatically.)


Buyers that purchase kilos processed through ethanol extraction may face legal consequences along with business brand damage that will be difficult to recover from.


All 50 States have a Department of Agriculture, and some are bigger (California, Florida, Texas) than others. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) has ultimately pushed the responsibility back to the states to enforce the regulations imposed on companies who manufacture CBD products consumed by humans or pets. These regulations are stringent and have severe penalties for violating them.


Last week a Tampa, Florida company, that used ethanol-based extraction and procured raw goods that were not adequately certified, was forced to proactively provide a (CBD RECALL) on its tincture productbecause it exceeded the FDA guidelines for LEAD. At this point, it is not clear if some of their other products have or will be recalled. To avoid penalties, the organization issued a proactive recall on the product to not further damage their food manufacturing permits granted under the Florida Department of Agriculture.


We are positive there will be more organizations that suffer this unfortunate fate as the FDA and States are conducting additional Hemp/CBD testing to keep consumers safe.


If you buy CBD, CBG, or any products extracted from Hemp to formulate and distribute to a consumer or animal, PLEASE make sure you buy from an extraction/processor that is CO2-based to avoid hurting your customers and your business.

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