CO2 Extraction is Best

At Vermont Hemp Processing, we are continually searching for informative articles to share that provide simple explanations about the differences between ethanol and CO2 extraction.


Oftentimes, we see the familiar comparative of “it depends.”  In all practicality, it comes down to what products are you going to produce, and what is the volume or amount of biomass that needs to be processed?


For large-scale efficiencies and your ROI, it comes down to cost, the quality of your finished product, your Certificate of Analysis (COA), and, most importantly, your ability to sell your goods in the open, but competitive market. We can’t overemphasize; the processor with the best ingredients and the highest level of ‘purity and consistency,’ will always be the winner.


After years of research and working with industry experts, the only extraction method we recommend is Supercritical CO2. It is by far the cleanest, safest, and most cutting-edge extraction method for natural products with the best quality, purity, and consistency. That’s why we have invested millions in extracting thousands of pounds per day in our facilities at the below-market price compared to ethanol or other operations.



Did you know that commercial breweries and smaller microbreweries utilize specialized CO2 extraction for creating unique flavor profiles of boutique hop strains? We have taken these same concepts and methodologies to explore new areas of taste, and terpene profiles that will never be produced using ethanol as the primary solvent.


For those interested in developing a wide variety of CBD based products ranging from oils, creams, or lotions, to foods, beverages, and tinctures, extraction matters. You’ll find that health and wellness stores have even taken additional steps to display their CO2 extracted products, which are in greater demand and also command a higher price over other herbal remedies.


We know the industry continues to evolve, processors who choose CO2 as their primary extraction method are in it for the long-term and committed to producing the highest quality of products available on the market today for our customers.

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