Vermont Hemp Processing

Welcome to Vermont Hemp Processing. We’re happy you found us.


We have a 10,000 lb. per day extraction/processing facility in Wisconsin and our new headquarters is located at 44 Hull Street Suite 6 in Randolph, Vermont.


Our beautiful 172,000 square foot facility was custom-built for the hemp extraction and processing industry. Solar power, wood chip heat, and total atmospheric controls enable us to guarantee the best possible outcomes for our clients.


We chose Vermont for several reasons; it is the most hemp-friendly state in the nation, we’re located within an economic opportunity zone, we have rail capability to our facility, and of course the people.


Vermont Hemp Processing receives hemp from all over the country. Our ability to store hundreds of acres at any given time allows for more manageable logistics for our farmers, provides greater access to transporting finished goods back to our clients, and acts as a staging area for hemp biomass worldwide exportation.


Many farmers are looking to make sure they have clear off-take agreements for the crops they grow. Our ability to provide them with crop placement ensures future crops are planted and delivered.


Vermont Hemp Processing is deemed an “essential business“ under the agriculture umbrella and will continue to scale as quickly as Governor Scott allows. We can’t wait to get back to hosting our Farmer Socials, where you can delight in a fantastic catered meal, meet some amazing new friends, and enjoy a cold beer. Our Farmer Socials provides a welcoming environment to share the knowledge that will help us all become better at cultivation, extraction/processing, and fulfillment of raw goods to help the people and pets who benefit from our efforts.

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