Many farmers have jumped on the hemp bandwagon, after being told it would drive them to […]
Effects of CBD on Gut Health
We take a lot of medicine to affect our weight, mental health, blood pressure, and dozens […]
Vermont Hemp Processing is the premier clearinghouse for hemp exportation in the United States. We are […]
Is CBD Safe For Dogs
The use of CBD on man’s best friend has become more prominent over the last three years. But, is CBD safe for dogs? Here’s what we know… An online survey conducted in 2018 showed that 55% of dog owners asked their veterinarian [...]
Ethanol Based Extraction is Bad
The #1 reason that you should never buy ethanol-based extracted CBD is that this cheaper extraction […]
CO2 Extraction is Best
At Vermont Hemp Processing, we are continually searching for informative articles to share that provide simple […]
Vermont Hemp Processing
Welcome to Vermont Hemp Processing. We’re happy you found us.   We have a 10,000 lb. […]
Hemp Benchmarks
Hemp Benchmarks: U.S. Wholesale Hemp Price Benchmarks – October 2019. Click the image below to download […]