We do things a bit different here.

Welcome to Vermont Hemp Processing

We are a hemp processing facility located in Randolph, Vermont. We specialize in processing premium industrial hemp to create life-changing CBD products through our advancements in science, horticulture, agronomics, and genomics. 

Here at Vermont Hemp Processing (VHP), farmers come first, followed by patients, doctors, customers, drug companies, food and beverage companies, ingredient formulators, and industry-related allies. The relationships we build with our farmers directly benefit the industries we work with, and we’ll never take that for granted.

VHP is an alliance of scientists, farmers, bankers, investors, and business professionals. Together, we have over 500 years of experience doing what we love; helping people, healing the sick, and creating commerce with a purpose. Our passion runs through every aspect of our business. From our location to our family of owners and employees, each day we focus on what’s most important: Humanity.

The hemp industry is growing at exciting rates… a biomass gold rush, if you will. That’s why we chose the hemp-friendly state of Vermont for our Eastern United States processing facility. At 172,000 plus square feet, we can store hundreds of acres of biomass at any given time. The VHP floor is always buzzing with activity, and we are growing right on schedule. 

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